Mind-Set Coaching

 ($125 for 1-hour session)
By using basic hypnotherapy techniques that are purposeful and specific I help people create new mindful positive pathways. My technique taps into the power of the unconscious which puts doubts to rest and allows your mind to change what once seemed unchangeable.  Since the human brain is wired to recognize patterns and won't accept a new idea immediately.  I help people create new neural pathways through visioning exercises and positive affirmations.  I also help people leverage their own inner wisdom in order to achieve their goals in easy and rapid ways.  Internal limiting beliefs and personal barriers will be diminished, allowing for creative fertile ground for a new perspective.  My clients feel that my approach is gentle and grounding and that it enables them to draw on and improve their personal strengths and reach their true potential. My goal is to help you believe in your intuitive gifts, overcome self limiting beliefs, find balance in your life, and feel more in sync with yourself and the world around you. 

Past Life Regression

90 minutes  ( $150)

Hypnosis technique that helps recover memories or stories from your consciousness or imagination.  Clients often report detailed stories and feelings from this dream like state.  Most people feel a greater realization of the eternal nature of their being, their connection to others, and a closer experience of the love-filled energy that underlies all of life.  Many people sense that people they see are often familiar to them and play a role in this lifetime.  The session is very soothing and relaxing and everyone feels they are able to ease back into their natural state. Our goal is to strengthen your relationships and heal your mind, body, and soul. 

*Most issues require three to six sessions at a minimum.



To clear and rebalance the energy points (chakras) across the body and restore the flow of energy and wellness.  Hands on healing touch that helps connect the client to the universal energy flow, love, pure source, and their limitless self.  This connection helps the body innately heal itself and transform back to it's abundant natural self.  People sense a feeling of openness, enlightenment, calm and peace.  
Each visit consists of a 60 minute Reiki energy treatment, complemented by a consultation. 

60 Minute Session.

My healing sessions help people dial in to improve their well-being. I help people enter into deep inner states where they can feel joy, empowerment, and an appreciation for life.  as a reiki master I am able to integrate the ancient practice of light non-invasive touch, Peruvian Andean heart centered traditions and other shamanic practices to help harness the power of ceremony that can create healing and positive change.  I also introduce shamanic journeying which is similar to guided meditation.  The power of shamanic journeying can connect you with many sources of guidance and inspiration.  It can also help tap into your own intuition and start manifesting positive outcomes in every aspect of your life: emotional, mental and physical.  Other ancient rituals include the use of stones and crystals, music, smudging techniques, and prayer for creating sacred space, basic energy clearing, and transmuting negative energy into positive energy. Many clients report seeing stunning visualizations and start noticing a supportive energy around them.  A session may feel subtle and simply relaxing or it could be transforming immediately.  Every session varies.  Tesa's goal is to aid people in finding peace and inspiration from within.  

*Most conditions have developed over time, so it may take time to heal those issues and imbalances. Although one session of Reiki or shamanic reiki will likely leave you feeling relaxed and can start to resolve underlying issues, additional sessions are often necessary to maintain the healing process and encourage overall balance, healing and individual growth. Monthly maintenance is recommended.

** Chronic physical ailments may require more time to promote recovery. Tesa will consult with each client to determine the best schedule for them.

*** Cancellation policy: A minimum of 24 hours notice of cancellation is required. Otherwise, there will be a charge of $25.