When I think back to all of the amazing clients that I have served in my practice over the years, I am overwhelmed. It is such a privilege to enter into people's lives and be given the opportunity to help them find the path to improved well-being and increased happiness.

Recently, I invited several clients to anonymously share their stories. Below, are a handful of the many stories they shared. I am moved and incredibly inspired by their words. I hope that their stories are helpful to you in understanding the potential impact of Reiki and Hypnotherapy on your own personal journey.

I Gained Clarity for my Career Change

When I met with Tesa, I was beginning graduate school and embarking on a path of career change.

Tesa is warm and sincere in her excitement about the client experience. She wanted me to feel good and comfortable—and she let me know that Reiki is always a positive, healing experience.

The experience with Tesa gave me clarity and confidence. So much of what we discussed three years ago is still relevant today. Tesa is an empathetic healer, which makes a huge difference in your trust level. You feel free to let a part of yourself go, as her goal is the same as yours—optimal health and a well-rounded, stress-free life.

I  Achieved a New Outlook

I was first prompted to see Tesa by other people's positive feedback regarding her work. My long-time Reiki master and counselor had moved out of state and I was open to finding a new practitioner.

When I first met Tesa, she greatly impressed me with her warmth, sensitivity, acceptance of others, good humor, diligence, professionalism, and genuineness in wanting to help. She's an all-around lovely person! There are many Reiki healers out there to choose from. But I go back for sessions because I'm comfortable with Tesa and she's pleasant to work with. When I have questions, she's always willing to provide thoughtful explanations.

I've received valuable insights through my sessions with Tesa. She has helped me to appreciate life's little details and not take them for granted. The guided meditations feel like a fun little adventure. I always leave the sessions feeling rejuvenated. Energetically, I do feel better and feel more productive throughout the day or week.

The most important lessons I've learned throughout my experience with Tesa is to remain open, be honest with yourself, and just to stick with it. The rewards are greater than you would expect. The more committed you are to the process, the more you will experience significant gradual changes to your overall health. I'm grateful that I invested in my well-being because my perspective regarding life and my relationships have transformed (it's amazing to me!) and thus have contributed to better overall health among many other wonderful things.

I Found Answers and a New Perspective

For someone new to Reiki I would say the following, there is a spiritual dimension in the world that you may not be aware of, if you can get in touch with it, you can expand your consciousness beyond your everyday existence. Therein you will find answers and new perspectives, as I did. Don't be skeptical—just because you may not see it, that doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

I Felt Empowered to Address My Pain

Tesa has a very calm and peaceful nature about her. While being around her, I could feel that she is a very open and grounded person. To me these seem like important qualities for one who provides a way to reduce pain or stress for others.

Tesa is also secure in her knowledge of Reiki practice, and she talks you through it as though you are having a conversation—with ease and comfort. She explained how Reiki healing works and what she was doing. She did this in a way that was easy to understand and take part in. After my first session, Tessa emailed me a summary of all that we worked on, and the images and healing we had discussed. I found that so helpful!!! Being so immersed in the experience I had forgotten many of the details.

I learned from Tesa that Reiki is a hands-on healing practice that helps the body to heal itself. I had no expectations, and really did not think I needed much "healing". I was very wrong. Tesa tapped into some lingering old energy around trauma I had experienced in my life. She was able to help me see that it was possible to heal from this. There really aren't words to express the feelings I had. I was quite moved and felt empowered to address this pain. I learned a lot about myself and how I can help myself. Once some if that negative energy was released, I was able to see how deeply it was affecting me. What a gift to begin to let some of this stress and anxiety go.

I would recommend Tesa as a Reiki practitioner to anyone who is looking to find a way to bring balance to themselves, body, mind, and spirit. She really is good at what she does, and she genuinely wants to help people heal.

I Accessed What I Needed to Move On from Grief

I was dealing with grief and exhaustion after caring for my mother through to her passing. When I walked into my yoga studio, I found Tesa's brochure, and I signed right up!

Tesa is gentle yet her soul is strong. She has a general eagerness to learn and her excitement comes through in her work. Other Reiki practitioners can sometimes feel like they are half on the planet and half somewhere else. Tesa is grounded and relatable.

At a tactical level the experience relieved the heaviness that came with grief—there was a lightness of spirit. I felt like I had more energy and most importantly was far more relaxed. I also was able to access the crying that needed to take place to help me move through the grief.

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